Q) What is Rake?

A) Rake is a percentage of each pot that is played during a poker game. Online poker rooms typically take between 3%-7% of each hand that is played (every site varies on qualifying hands, and percentages they take). This is how the online poker rooms make their money.

Q) What is Rakeback?

A) Rakeback is a percentage of the online poker room's rake that you can get back. receives a portion of this rake back from the online poker sites, and passes it on to you. 

Q) How do I sign-up for Rakeback?

A) Simply choose a poker room that you'd like to play at from our main page by clicking it's associated link, and follow the online directions. When you've completed all the steps, you will get a percentage of your rakeback sent to you either back to your player account at the end of each month (typically 5-15 days after the end of the month) or in the form of a check )the option if yours).

Q) If I sign-up for rakeback through, do I forfeit by sign-up deposit bonus?

A) No. All sign-up bonuses are honored, and some sites we have special agreements with offer larger deposit bonuses through us.

Q) Can I see how make rake I've made throughout the month?

A) Yes, we have an online tracking system that is updated daily to show you exactly how much money you've made in rakeback.

Q) What is PokerZion, and why do I get this for free when I sign-up for rakeback?

A) is a state-of-the-art poker training site. You will receive lifetime green chip membership as long as you maintain a highestrakeback account. We have a special agreement with PokerZion that allows us to offer you this great additional service at no cost to you!

Q) I have a question, who do I contact?

A) You can contact us here.


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